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Taake + Gigantomachy - "Dra Til Helvet + Restart The Night"
Taake - "A Night Of Fog..." (bootleg)
Taake - "Helnorsk Svartmetal"
Taake - "Hordalands Doedskvad"
Taake - "Koldbrann I Jesu Marg" (7")
Taake - "Nattestid Ser Porten Vid"
Taake - "Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik"
Taake - "Svartenkunst"
Taarma - "Remnants Of A Tormenting Black Shadows"
Tadashi Goto - "Innervisions"
Taetre - "The Art"
Taine - "Cealalta Parte"
Taine - "Demo Songs 2003" (promo)
Takara - "Invitation To Nowhere"
Tales Of Blood - "Range Of Gore" (MCD)
Tales Of Dark - "Fragile Monuments"
Tales Of Dark - "Perdition Calls"
Talisma - "Chromium"
Talon - "Vicious Game"
Tank - "War Machine"
Tao Menizoo - "So Blind"
Taramis - "Queen Of Thieves"
Taramis - "Stretch Of The Imagination"
Tardive Dyskinesia - "The Sea Of See Through Skins"
Taste Of Insanity - "Anima"
Tears Of Mankind - "Silent Veil Of My Doom"
Tears Of Othila - "Renaissance!"
Tefilla - "Grievous Anguish"
Tefra - "The Last Dance"
Telurica - "Anthems Of Desolation"
Tempesta - "Virtual Line To Eternity"
Temple Of Blood - "Overlord"
Temple Of Blood - "Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind"
Temptamentum - "Disciples Of The Ashen Sun"
Tenebrarum - "Voices"
Tenebris - "Catafalque - Comet"
Tenebrosus - "The Fall Of Worthless Morals"
Tenhi - "Airut: Aamuien"
Tenhi - "Maaet"
Tenochtitlan - "Chac Och-Ut"
Tenochtitlan - "Epoch Of The Fifth Sun"
Terminal Descent - "Manifesting The Present"
Terminal Descent - "Of Darkest Light"
Terragon - "Chapitre I"
Terremoto - "The Eternal Scream"
Terror Ascends - "Open Your Eyes" (MCD)
Terrordrome Vehement Convulsio - ""
Terzolivello - "The Silent City"
Testament - "First Strike Still Deadly"
Testament - "Practice What You Preach"
Testament - "Souls Of Black"
Testament - "The Legacy"
Testament - "The New Order"
Tetsuo - "Malmohrahkign" (MCD)
Textures - "Polars"
Thanathos - "Justified Genocide"
Thanatoschizo - "Zoom Code"
The Abner - "Chinoiserie Lounge" (MCD)
The Adrenaline - "Who Dies Begins To Live"
The Almighty - "Crank"
The Archetype - "The Fallen Grace"
The Arson Project - "Blood And Locusts"
The Burning - "Rewakening"
The Camp Hours - "Wise As A Tree"
The Chasm - "Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire"
The Chasm - "Deathcult For Eternity: The Triumph"
The Chasm - "From The Lost Years"
The Chasm - "Procession To The Infraworld"
The Chasm - "Reaching The Veil Of Death" (MCD)
The Crooks - "High Society Rock'n'Roll"
The DarkShines - "Last Chance"
The Dead Kings + The Aggro-vators + Greedy Mistress + A-Priori - "7 Inches Of Nefarious Rock n' Roll" (7")
The Denial - "Claws"
The Despondents - "Post Mortem" (MCD)
The Devil's Blood - "The Graveyard Shuffle"
The Downspiral To Hell - "The Advent Of Neurosis"
The Downspiral To Hell - "Thorn"
The Drop Of Water That Can Wear Through A Stone - "Sound Of Sickening" (promo)
The Dying - "Triumph Of Tragedy"
The Enchanted - "For Those Who Falls..."
The Fallen Within - "Intoxicated"
The Famili - "Neonoir"
The Famili - "The Famili"
The Firstborn - "The Noble Search"
The Firstborn - "The Unclenching Of Fists"
The Fractured Dimension - "Toward The Mysterium"
The Frozen - "Blue Virtue"
The Gathering - "Almost A Dance"
The Gathering - "Always..."
The Gathering - "Home"
The Gathering - "Mandylion"
The Gathering - "Nighttime Birds"
The Gatling Fire Power - "Queen Of Bullets"
The Guestz - "Not For Money, Just For Glory"
The Hag - "Depredations" (promo)
The Handful - "Second Hand Smoke"
The Heretic - "Gospel Songs In E Minor"
The Horn - "Dawning Of An Ancient Sun"
The Howling Void - "Shadows Over The Cosmos"
The Krushers - "Processo - Successo... Memorie Di Un Anticristo"
The Krushers - "Promo 2006" (promo)
The Lamp Of Thoth - "Cauldron Of Witchery"
The Lotus - "Forgotten Silence"
The Main Attraction - "In Spite Of All"
The Mansion Of Soul Drain - "Neon God"
The March Of Seasons - "My Winter"
The Mist And The Morning Dew - "The Mist And The Morning Dew" (MCD)
The Moaning - "Blood From Stone"
The Morningside - "Moving Crosscurrent Of Time"
The Morningside - "The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past"
The Noise Guys - "Factotum"
The Oath - "4"
The Oath - "The End Of Times"
The Orange Man Theory - "Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To..."
Theory In Practice - "Colonizing The Sun"
Theory In Practice - "The Armageddon Theories"
Theory In Practice - "Third Eye Function"
The Pharao's - "Open Fire" (promo)
The Poodles - "Clash Of The Elements"
The Project Hate MCMXCIX - "Armageddon March Eternal (Symphonies Of Slit Wrists)"
The Prophecy - "Ashes"
The Prophecy - "Into The Light"
The Prophecy - "Revelations"
The Psyke Project - "Daikini"
The Pythons - "Never:Enough"
The R.A.C.E. - "The Revolt Against Cultural Extinction"
The Red Coil - "Slough Off"
The River - "Drawing Down The Sun"
The Rods - "Let Them Eat Metal"
The Secret - "Luce"
The See - ">From Nowhere To No One"
The Seven Gates - "Angel Of Suffering"
The Seventh Gate - "Cheap Sex And Painkillers" (promo)
The Seventh Season - "Fall Within"
The Seventh Season - "Liquid Water"
The Seventh Season - "Transposition" (DVD)
The Shiver - "A New Horizon"
The Shiver - "Inside"
The Sorrow - "Origin Of The Storm"
The Stompcrash - "Requiem Rosa"
The Stone - "Magla"
The Stuff - "Lesson One"
Them Philosophy - "Thought Before Action"
The Sullen Route - "Madness Of My Own Design"
The Sun Of Weakness - "Trompe L'Oeil"
The Sunwashed Avenues - "The Sunwashed Avenues"
The Sweet - "Sweet Fanny Adams "
The True Endless - "1888 From Hell"
The True Endless - "A Climb To Eternity"
Theudho - "The Cult Of Wuotan"
Theudho - "Treachery"
The Vision Bleak - "Carpathia"
The Vision Bleak - "The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey"
The Void - "Vision Of The Truth"
The Wandering Midget - "I Am The Gate"
The Wandering Midget - "The Serpent Coven"
The Way Of Purity - "Crosscore"
The Wraiths - "The Tragical Tale Of Wednesday The Ectoplasm"
Third Voice - "Moments Like These"
This Empty Flow - "The Album"
This Misery Garden - "Another Great Day On Earth"
Thodde + Malntt - "N.S.B.M. Necro Swine Black Metal"
Thomas Hand Chaste - "Uno Nessuno Centomila"
Thornafire - "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation"
Thornesbreed - "The Splendour Of The Repellent"
Thorns + Emperor - "Thorns vs Emperor"
Thornspawn + Enshadowed - "6 Black Candles, 6 Rotting Hearts, 6 Sacrifice For Satan"
Thorns - "Thorns"
Thorn - "Whenever..."
Thorshammer - "Heimsuchung"
Thorshammer - "Inspektor K."
Thou Shall Fall - "The Path Of Memories"
Thou Shalt Suffer + Mayhem - "The True Black" (bootleg)
Thou Shalt Suffer - "Into The Woods Of Belial" (raccolta)
Thou Shalt Suffer - "Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation" (EP)
Thralldom - "A Murderous Magus Of The Morphogenetic Grid" (7")
Thralldom - "A Shaman Steering The Vessel Of Vastness"
Thralldom - "The Seven Heads Of The Lion Serpent"
Thrashist Regime - "Terror Takes Shape"
Threat - "Heaven To Overthrow"
Three Pigs Trip - "Merciful Bullets"
Threnodial - "Eternalight?"
Threnody - "As The Heavens Fall"
Threnody - "Bewildering Thoughts"
Threnody - "Control"
Threnody - "Threnody"
Threshold - "Critical Mass"
Threshold - "Hypothetical"
Threshold - "Psychedelicatessen"
Threshold - "Wounded Land"
Throned - "...There Where The Moon Rises" (MCD)
Throne Of Ahaz - "Nifelheim"
Through Your Silence - "Whispers To The Void"
Thrudvangar - "Zwischen Asgard Und Midgard"
Thunderstorm - "Faithless Soul"
Thunderstorm - "Witchunter Tales"
Thundertale - "Milžinai"
Thurs - "Myths And Battles From The Paths Beyond"
Thy Abhorrent - "Death Rides At Dawn" (7")
Thy Gate Beyond - "The Power To Thrash"
Thy Majestie - "The Lasting Power"
Thy Nature - "Thy Nature" (MCD)
Tiamat - "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber"
Tiamat - "Clouds"
Tiamat - "Gaia"
Tiamat - "Judas Christ"
Tiamat - "Skeleton Skeletron"
Tiamat - "Sumerian Cry"
Tiamat - "The Astral Sleep"
Tiamat - "Wildhoney"
Tiat5 - "Contrast"
Ticket To Hell - "Man Made Paradise"
Ticket To Hell - "Operation: Crash Course"
Tierra Santa - "Indomable"
Tierra Santa - "Legendario"
Time Of Orchids - "Early As Seen In Pace"
Timescape - "Strange"
Tir3sia - "When Rock'n'Roll Was Not Business"
Toby Knapp - "Misanthropy Divine"
Tod - "Black Metal Manifesto"
Todesbonden - "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest"
TOdio - "Sixteen"
Todtgelichter - "Was Bleibt"
Tolkki, Timo - "Hymn To Life"
Tomorrow's Eve - "Mirror Of Creation"
Tomydeepestego - "Odyssea"
Tonka - "...This Present Darkness..."
Torn To Pieces - "Mastering The Art Of Death"
Torture Squad - "Asylum Of Shadows"
Torture Squad - "The Unholy Spell"
Tossic - "Il Regno Del Cinghiale"
Tossic - "TRANSumanza"
Tourniquet - "Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm"
Tourniquet - "Where Moth And Rust Destroy"
Towersound - "Towersound"
Toxic Virgin - "Circle Of Power"
Toxik - "Think This"
Toxik - "World Circus"
Transcending Bizarre? - "The Four Scissors"
Transiency - "Manqualm"
Transit Poetry - "Themes From The Desolate Ocean"
Trascending Bizarre? - "The Serpent's Manifolds"
Tremulus - "What I've Become"
Trepan'Dead - "Obsessional Dysfunctions"
Trephine - "Trephine"
Triarchy - "Broken Dreams" (MCD)
Trick Or Treat - "Evil Needs Candy Too"
Trillion - "Trillion"
Trimonium - "Son Of A Blizzard"
Trinakrius - "Massacro"
Triumph - "Just A Game"
Trivium - "Ember To Inferno"
Troglodyte + As A River + Sick Sad World - "3 Way Split"
Trojan - "Chasing The Storm"
Trollech + Heiden - "Trollech vs. Heiden"
Trollech - "Skryti V Mlze"
Trollech - "V Rachotu Hromů"
Trouble - "The Skull"
Truth In My Hands - "Too Fast For Love" (MCD)
Tsjuder - "Demonic Possession"
Tsubo - "Anus Mundi"
T.T. Quick - "Metal Of Honor"
Tuatha De Danann - "Tingaralatingadun"
Tumulus Anmatus - "Ave Casvs Mvndi"
Tumulus - "Sredokresie"
Tumulus - "Winter Wood"
Turbo - "Dorosle Dzieci"
Turilli, Luca - "King Of The Nordic Twilight"
Tvangeste - "Firestorm"
Twilight Odyssey - "Twilight Odyssey"
Twisted Into Form - "Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer"
Twisted Tower Dire - "Battle Hymns To The Pantheon"
Twisted Tower Dire - "The Isle Of The Hydra"
Tygers Of Pan Tang - "First Kill"
Tyrant (JAP) - "Grimoires"
Tyrant (USA) - "Too Late To Pray"
Týr - "Eric The Red"
Týr - "How Far To Asgaard"
Tzefa - "Feed Me" (MCD)