Archivio Recensioni Album R

Rafferty Rules - "Name Your God"
Raging Storm - "Raging Storm"
Rain Paint - "Disillusion Of Purity"
Rain Paint - "Nihil Nisi Mors"
RainSka - "Lo Specchio Delle Vanità"
Raise The Human - "Raise The Human"
Ram - "Forced Entry"
Rampart - "Voice Of The Wilderness"
Rapaport, Greg - "Wyrd"
Rapid Fire - "Scream!"
Rather Unwise - "Rock Doesn't Rust"
Raven Black Night - "Choose The Dark"
Ravenclaw + Svarrogh - "Split CD"
Ravenclaw - "Where Mighty Ravens Fly"
Ravendusk - "Astroblack Advent"
Ravensblood - "From The Tumulus Detphs"
Raventale - "Long Passed Days"
Raventale - "Mortal Aspirations"
Razzle Dazzle - "What The Hell...?!"
RC2 - "Future Awaits"
re123+ - "Magi"
Reality Grey - "Darkest Days Are Yet To Come"
Realm - "Endless War"
Realm - "Suiciety"
Re-Animator - "Laughing"
Reapers - "Metalness"
Reckoning - "The Final Reckoning"
Recreant + Unbirth - "Aspire To Deviance"
Recueil Morbide - "Hurt By Human Race"
Red Crystal - "Regina Dell'Inganno" (promo)
Redemptor Hominis - "Pr�mices I-IV "
Red Tide - "Themes Of The Cosmic Consciousness"
Reflections - "Free Violence"
Reflection - "When Shadows Fall"
Religio Mortis - "La Progenie Di Krono / Varcata La Soglia"
Religio Mortis - "Varcata La Soglia"
Rellik (USA) - "Deceive The Deceiving" (MCD)
Remembrances - "Crystal Tears"
Remorse - "A Clown Smile"
Remorse - "Balance Of Visions"
Remorse - "Commutarte"
Renaissance - "The Death Of Art"
Renegade - "Straight To The Top"
Renegade - "Too Hard To Die"
Requiem Aeternam - "Philosopher"
Requiem K626 - "Genemesis"
Resection - "Zenith"
Resistant Culture - "Welcome To Reality" (MCD)
Resonance Room - "Unspoken"
Resurrecturis - "Non Voglio Morire"
Resurrecturis - "The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell"
Retriem - "Lead To Your Destiny"
R.E.T. - "The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel"
Revelations Of Rain - "Emanation Of Hatred"
Revelations Of Rain - "Marble Shades Of Despair"
Revelations Of Rain - "Otkroveniya Dozhdya"
Revengia - "A Decade In The Dark"
Reverence + Wolok + Sons Of Fenris - "Anti Life Terror"
Reverend - "Reverend" (EP)
Revery - "Avarice & Absolution"
Revolt - "Five Bullets, One Grenade" (MCD)
Rewiring Genesis - "A Tribute To The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
Rex Inferi - "Like A Hurricane"
Rhadamantys - "Labyrinth Of Thoughts"
Rhapsody - "Legendary Tales"
Rhapsody - "Power Of The Dragonflame"
Rhevange - "The Way To Follow" (MCD)
Rhevange - "Unleash The Power"
RH Factor - "RH Factor"
Right In Sight - "Bloodstained Hands"
Rigorism - "Cold & Pain"
Rigor Sardonicous - "Principia Sardonica"
Riot - "Fire Down Under"
Riot - "Inishmore"
Riot - "Nightbreaker"
Riot - "Privilege Of Power"
Ripper - "...And The Dead Shall Rise"
Rise - "Divine Aeternum"
Rise To Fall - "Restore The Balance"
Rising Moon - "Demo 2003" (promo)
Rising Moon - "European Aliens" (MCD)
Rising Moon - "...For The Remained Time"
Ritual - "Dominate Yourself" (singolo)
Ritual Of Rebirth - "Ethical Disillusion"
Ritual Steel - "A Hell Of A Night"
Riul Doamnei - "Apocryphal"
Robert Delirio - "California Republic"
Robert Delirio - "Digital Core"
Robert Jackson - "Twilight Theatre"
Rock Goddess - "Hell Hath No Fury"
Rock Goddess - "Rock Goddess"
Rod Sacred - "Dark Confusion" (promo)
Rod Sacred - "Rod Sacred"
Rogue Male - "First Visit"
Room With A View - "Collecting Shells At Lighthouse Hill"
Room With A View - "First Year Departure"
Root - "Black Seal"
Root - "Daemon Viam Invenient"
Root - "Hell Symphony"
Root - "Kärgeräs"
Roots Of Rot - "Hated Flesh"
Root - "The Book"
Root - "The Temple In The Underworld"
Root - "Zjevení"
Rosa Antica - "Looking For Someting Divine"
Rosa Antica - "Seven"
Rosae Crucis - "Worms Of The Earth"
Rossomahaar - "Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External Worlds)"
Rossometile - "Terrenica"
Roswell Six - "Terra Incognita: A Line In The Sand"
Roswell Six - "Terra Incognita: Beyond The Horizon"
Rot In Pain - "Live With Soulfly" (promo)
Rot In Pain - "Rot In Pain" (MCD)
Rotten Sound - "Consume To Contaminate"
Rott - "Out Of Time"
Rox - "Violent Breed"
Ruins Of Faith - "To The Shrines Of Ancestors"
Rumatera - "My Crew"
Rumors Of Gehenna - "Ten Hatred Degrees"
Runenblut - "Die Stimme Des Blutes"
Running Wild + Hellhammer + Dark Avenger + Helloween - "Death Metal"
Running Wild - "Gates To Purgatory"
Rushmoon - "Keep An Eye"
Rustless - "Start From The Past"
Rust Requiem - "Migrationis Obscvra Aetas"
Rusty Pacemaker - "Blackness And White Light"
Rychus Syn - "Rebirth"