Archivio Recensioni Album B

Baalphegor - "Post Earthquake Age"
Babyflesh - "New Wave Of Cynicism"
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - "Axis Of Evil"
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - "The Godless, The Godforsaken And The God Damned"
Babylon - "Tales Of Doom - Chapter I" (MCD)
Back One Out - "Helpless"
Bad Blood - "Joanie's Back In Town"
Bad Blood - "Worn Out"
Bad Bones - "A Family Affair"
Balatonizer - "Occlused In Ottusity"
Balrog - "Kill Yourself"
Baltak - "Macedonian War"
Balvaz - "Balvaz" (7")
Barracuda (USA) - "Unacceptable Practices"
B. Ashra - "Om Meditation"
Bathory - "Bathory"
Bathory - "Blood Fire Death"
Bathory - "...The Return"
Bathory - "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark"
Bathtub Shitter - "Shitter At Salzgitter (Live In Germany 2004)"
Battleaxe - "Burn This Town"
Battleaxe - "Power From The Universe"
BattleRoar - "BattleRoar"
Battleroar - "To Death And Beyond..."
BattleSword - "Failing In Triumph"
Beast Petrify - "Dimensional Deranged Dilemma"
Bëat In Zën - "Ocean Captive"
Becker, Jason - "Perpetual Burn"
Becker, Jason - "Perspective"
Beef Conspiracy - "Hung, Drawn And Quartered-Poundered" (MCD)
Before The Fall - "From Mutism To Riddance"
Beheaded Zombie - "Schastiye Dlya Vseh "
Behemoth - "And The Forests Dream Eternally" (MCD)
Behemoth - "Antichristian Phenomenon" (MCD)
Behemoth - "Bewitching The Pomerania" (MCD)
Behemoth - "Chaotica - The Essence Of The Underworld" (best of)
Behemoth - "Conjuration" (MCD)
Behemoth - "Demigod"
Behemoth - "Grom"
Behemoth - "Live In Tolouse" (MCD)
Behemoth - "Pandemonic Incantations"
Behemoth - "Satanica"
Behemoth - "Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)"
Behemoth - "Thelema.6"
Behemoth - "The Return Of The Northern Moon"
Behemoth - "Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)"
Behind The Curtain - "Till Birth Do Us Part"
BeHolden - "Born To Rise"
Behold... The Arctopus - "Arctopocalypse Now... Warmageddon Later" (MCD)
Bejelit - "Age Of Wars"
Bejelit - "You Die And I..."
Belëf - "Deathwind Legion" (MCD)
Belenos - "Chemins Des Souffrance"
Bellini, Gabriele - "De Revolutionibus Orbium Celestium"
Benighted In Sodom - "Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica"
Berserks - "Berserks"
Bertha - "Light And Shadows"
Bestia Centauri - "Teratogenesis"
Bestial Devastation + Obscene - "Wish You Died Here + Laceration Of The Unborn"
Bestial Mockery - "A Sign Of Satanic Victory" (7")
Bestia - "Ronkade Parved"
Betoken - "Dead Soul Insomnia"
Betrayer (ISR) - "My Twisted Symphony" (MCD)
Beyond Fallen - "Lost In The Shadows"
Beyond The Ninth Wave - "Volume I"
Bible Of The Devil - "Freedom Metal"
Bible Of The Devil - "The Diabolic Procession"
Binary System Wins - "Yeah, Whatever"
Biomechanical - "Eight Moons"
Bitterness - "Sweet Suicide Solution"
Black Altar - "Black Altar"
Black Altar - "Wrath Ov The Gods" (7")
Black Bleeding - "The Great Satan"
Black Bonzo - "Sound Of Apocalypse"
Black Deal - "Escape"
Black Diamond - "Mourning For Me"
Blackened - "A Jester's Tale"
Black Holocaust - "Black Holocaust"
Black Knight - "Master Of Desaster" (EP)
Black Lotus - "Harvest Of Seasons"
Blackmail Parade - "Blackmail Parade"
Black Roses - "Unleashed Dogs"
Black Sabbath - "Born Again"
Black Sabbath - "Cross Purposes"
Black Sabbath - "Dehumanizer"
Black Sabbath - "Forbidden"
Black Sabbath - "Headless Cross"
Black Sabbath - "Heaven And Hell"
Black Sabbath - "Live Evil" (live)
Black Sabbath - "Live: Thank God It's Sabbath" (bootleg)
Black Sabbath - "Mob Rules"
Black Sabbath - "Ozzy Meets The Priest" (bootleg)
Black Sabbath - "Seventh Star"
Black Sabbath - "The Eternal Idol"
Black Sabbath - "Tyr"
Blackstream + Stridor Absonus - "Split"
Black Succubi - "Black Succubi"
Black Sun - "Rebirth"
Black Wreath - "A Pyre Of Lost Dreams"
Bladesmith / Ohvrikivi - "The Tenebrous Journey"
Blame - "Goes To Hollywood"
Blasphemy (VEN) - "The Revenge Of The Beast"
Blaze Bayley - "Alive In Poland"
Bleed Someone Dry - "The World Is Falling In Tragedy"
Blind Beyond - "Out Of Faith"
Blind Fury - "Out Of Reach"
Blind Guardian - "And Then There Was Silence" (singolo)
Blind Guardian - "A Night At The Opera"
Blind Guardian - "Tokio Tales"
Blind Illusion - "The Sane Asylum"
Blinking Lights - "Psycho"
Blitzkrieg - "A Time Of Changes"
Blodarv - "Soulcollector ..The Thousand Years Tale"
Blodsrit - "Helveteshymner"
Blodulv - "Diatribe" (MCD)
Bloodaxe - "Raping The Ancient"
Bloodchurn - "Ravenous Consumption"
Blood Exile vs. Sacrilegio - "Thrash Clash Vol. 3"
Bloodred Bacteria - "Kiss The Goat"
Bloodshed (FRA) - "March Of The Undead"
Bloodshed (FRA) - "Warped In The Macabre" (MCD)
Blood Stain Child - "Idolator"
Blood Stain Child - "Mozaiq"
Blood Thirsty Demons - "Let The War Begin"
Blood Thirsty Demons - "Let The War Begin"
Blood Thirsty Demons - "Misanthropy"
Blood Thirsty Demons - "Mortal Remains"
Bloodwork - "Insufficient Flesh" (MCD)
Bloody Herald - "Like A Bloody Herald Remains"
Bloody Sign - "Explosion Of Elements"
Bloody Sign - "Vana Vigala Loïts"
Bloody Wings - "Our Faith Has Yielded..."
Blot Mine - "Ashcloud"
Blue Deers - "A Little Low Dry Garret"
Bodragaz - "Awaken"
Bonded By Blood - "Feed The Beast"
Boomerang - "Balance Of Hate"
Boomerang - "Weaveworld"
Boon - "Beauty Is A Sign Of Weakness"
Borgo Pass - "Nervosa"
Borgo Pass - "Slightly Damaged" (MCD)
Born Of Thorns - "New Horizon" (MCD)
Box.15 - "Another Time"
Braindance - "Redemption"
Brain Dead - "In The Deep Of Vortex"
Bralalalala - "Well Come To The Galaxy"
Brass Knuckle Therapy - "Brass Knuckle Therapy"
Breach The Void - "The Monochromatic Era"
Breaker - "Get Tough"
Breakpoint - "None To Sell"
Bright Ophidia - "Coma"
Brocken Moon - "Das Marchen Vom Schnee"
Brocken Moon - "Mondfinsternis"
Brodequin - "Prelude To Execution" (MCD)
Broken Glazz - "Divine"
Bruce Banner - "I Love Fucked Up Noise" (7")
Bruce Dickinson - "Tatooed Millionaire"
Brutart - "Mimic"
Buattitime - "Strong Antidots Against Love Soaps"
Budgie - "Nightflight"
Buffalo Grillz - "Grind Canyon"
Buio Omega - "Pandemonium Unleashed"
Bulldozer - "Fallen Angel / Another Beer" (7")
Bullfrog - "Beggars And Losers"
Burgul Torkhaïn - "The Adventures Of Burgul Torkhaïn"
Burial Hordes - "Devotion To Unholy Creed"
Burial Hordes - "Entering The Untrodden Forest + Mors Luminis"
Burial Hordes - "War, Revenge And Total Annihilation"
Burnin' Gaze - "Perception"
Burning Black - "Prisoner Of Steel"
Burning Engines - "And A Good Time Was Had By All"
Burning Seas - "Sweet Coma"
Burzum - "Aske" (EP)
Burzum - "Burzum"
Burzum - "Dauði Baldrs"
Burzum - "Det Som Engang Var"
Burzum - "Filosofem"
Burzum - "Hliðskjálf"
Burzum - "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss"
Burzum - "Ragnarok (A New Beginning)" (bootleg)
Burzum - "Svarte Dauen" (bootleg)
Butcher - "Welcome To The Night"
Butterfly Noir - "Lies Beneath The Illusion" (MCD)
Buzzum - "Sto Svanendo Ma Nessuno Se Ne Accorge..."
Byatis - "In The Dark Abysses Of Memory"
Byfist - "Adrenalin" (EP)
By Night - "Burn The Flags"
Byron - "Prólogo Volumen I" (MCD)