Dr Mastermind
(metalchurch + teonzo - Agosto 2003)

La storia di questa "intervista" è veramente strana. Tempo fa metalchurch aveva scritto la recensione dell'unico album omonimo di Dr Mastermind, il nome d'arte di Matthew McCourt, già bassista e cantante dei Wild Dogs. Il buon Matthew, usando i classici motori di ricerca, aveva trovato questa rece, e mi aveva scritto per ringraziarmi del fatto che ci fosse ancora qualcuno che si ricorda di lui. Così mi sono messo a farci due chiacchiere via mail, e mi ha chiesto se volevamo fargli un'intervista. Ho chiesto a metalchurch di preparare qualche domanda, un po' ne ho preparate io, e gliele ho mandate. Dopo una settimana mi è arrivata questa "risposta": Matthew, invece di rispondere alle domande, si è messo a parlare a ruota libera della storia della sua vita...! Leggendola la prima volta ho avuto una sensazione strana, sembrava di trovarsi al banco di un bar, quando uno mezzo ubriaco ti ferma, e comincia a raccontarti le sue sfighe... ecco, proprio una cosa del genere.
Quando ha mandato la risposta mi aveva scritto "questo sono io in tutto e per tutto", ed è una cosa che avevo apprezzato. Il problema è che era scritto tutto in un inglese un po' mangiucchiato, e personalmente faccio molta fatica a capire alcuni punti. Così mi ero messo con pazienza (tanta!) a tradurre tutto, quando la rottura del PC mi aveva sputtanato 2/3 del lavoro... e vai di bestemmie! Poi mi sono messo a ritradurre tutto, e dopo un po' mi sono scoglionato, perché certe parti sono troppo incasinate... un po' di inglese lo capisco, ma solo se è scritto secondo le regolette... le frasi colloquali americane non le so!
Tutto per dire che mi sono rotto e copio paro paro la risposta in inglese, se non sapete l'inglese allora mi spiace. Io copio tutto paro paro come mi è arrivato, così si mantiene la genuinità.

Matthe wt mccourt; in my words
My first recorded work was in 1978 my first album deal with a lable came in 1980 on matchbox records the band was called the RAVERS the album I was a teenage rocknroller made the cashbox and billboard pick of the week ( I don't know why and that band also had jay from malice( we were school friends since age 16
The record was produced by Andy Mckaie who started arista reocrds uin the us after working for cbs and now is the vice president if te entire UNIVERSAL empire and produces box sets by classic artists
The vIOLators were before that.. you see I was way into judas priest and especially scorpion when the in trance lp came out my friends brother had all these"imports" and we took them and listened to them really loud on my parents stereo which was basically a small pa with 2 15's per side and a horn. Of course my mom turned me onto black sabbathe and hedrix and the beatles got me out of bed to watch em on tv
We had lots of musicians and entertainers in the family.so we were taping a little microphone iinto our acoustics before electric guitars were affordable or availble here.
While in the ravers I teamed up again with another school buddy MICK ZANE ofmalice and we had a band with BLACKNBLUE DRUMMER PETE HOLMES wild dogs jeff mark and myself and we called it the ravers.
A few months later jeff's sister in l;aw needed a band to record at a studio school she attended so he calle dme and we took pete holmes and jeff and myslef to bassist danny kurths house.. we rcorded a demo I giot he attention of mike varney and some magazine articles and reviews and tehn convinced the guys we should make a band and that they should stop playing in the cover bar band circuit.. ( I was NEVER INTO THAT) from the first time I picked up a guitar at age 6 I was pickin out parts of songs and tying thenm together im far from a perfectionist its all about creating that moment that's why I enjoyed the shows of the 70's better than today I work as a stage hand seting up arena concert gear and its like the reocrd which some people like, but you don't learn much from going to those shows although they are predictably entertaining I like to see my favorite musicians be muscians not a cover band of their own material ywngwie is always a great show cuz its mostly improv, Wild dogs did a great number of gigs with him and talas in 1985 and we played with steeler in 83 one of ywngwies first gigs in the usa I am a huge ywngwie fan I was thinkin of ways to imcorporate clavichord runs into rock music but wasn't a capable guitarist- since ive learned loads from Ywngwie and Kurt James I met kurt through mike varney the dr mastermind record was actually called evil genius which I will send you a copy of it had 2 guitars shenker type lead player and one guy who also played with the hooded rockers ( my longtime pals the mentors.
Mike was after an image conscience band of skinny types and these guys including myself are heavy duty fellas ya know real men,,,6 foot and 230 we all wore costunmes lie the dr mastermind cover and were a great band who didn't take ourself seriuosly and always arrived in a limo and played up the spinal tap rockstar thing it was really FUN which can be hard to find sometimes in a tense metal band situation the wild odgs were like that, it wasn't enough that I had secured a deal with shrapnel and acquired one of the best drummers you could find( it was hard to convince the others to accept deen castronovo they said he played too much and wanted someone simple.so we could make hits and be famous- BULLOCKS! After a few jams I think thye got the picture but damn those guys are atuff bunch to please ive tried to get some sort of working dogs unit with another drummer but it never is good enough if we play with deen once id just klike to get out from behind the drummer and play the SONGS we wrote so idi that with the trio that was on better late than never metal blade suggested I change the name from evil genius*(1998-2000) To wild dogs but it was more dr mastermind than anything with shredding guitar muscle man and a damn good copy of deens riffs from pete laufman all of us from blacknblue malice wheremacht mayhem wreckreation cruella were all people we knew from school or parties
I really wanted to merge fusion with metal and come up with a hard hiting hi tech band and with the talent involved it was possible - but that was the 80's before aids, and women taking offense to you drooling over them in a mini so the usual suspects of the local rock scene distracted our minions and left their oppion
For me I was a scary lead singer I wanted to terrify the audienc and include them onstage I would bring 30 people up to sing with me at once it was really fun I borrowed a lot from punk bands and from bruce springsteen of all people - who I saw with poison ideas tom pig champion who insisted id like it if he did and he was right im not into the music but he went INTO the audience and di d hal;f the gig form there looked fun to me and probably the closest id get to any of those honey girls so id jump in.
After a few years of reasonable success like most people who don't know about loyalty Saw me as the weak link and decided to replace me I was also the press, the manager the booking agent the record label liason as well as singin and drivin the van so wheni jumped on the tour bus with ourt new manager *(the LD for nightranger) and met my replacement it wasthe first id heard about it.
Varney nixed the evil genius project for now and I went to work as an apartment manager and the villa is the place I went
The Villa was a 36 unit apartment building in the middle of industrial freak town a place where you could shoot full auto machine guns at the freeway and no one would come to check it out.allthe words in that song are things that happened or people there jerry clyde and reaper were friends of mine clyde died of an overdose like many friends I know and great players.. I was the closest thing he had to a dad - I meet more people who say a wild dogs concert was the first show they ever saw and linked up with me the matt fans and I have a special relationship I was never above the audience I was part of em and I like to share I hate it when people lord stuff over you.
The villa was a place where meth labs existed parties with mayhem and poison idea In the empty units hookers weirdo old ladies who looked like a witch and at age 80 roam the halls in the middle of the night
Probably to escape the dire foul smell that emanated form her crotch area (her apartment made me puke when I went in to fix something it was like the same exact way as it was in 1930 when she moved in! freaky man.
So when I was there mike varney offered me a deal to be a guy like king diamond or vblackie lawless I jumped man I was livini in the ghetto shovin guns in peoples faces on a daily basis iwas ready to rock.
I hooked up with deen again we are like old brothers I met him when he was 16 jay malice and I lived together at my moms house and went and saw this guy and said - shit we have to get him with us
We were doin a song for the metal massacre 2 album and recorded a full on demo with deen and the guitar player from evil genius kip doran and the craziest singer of all time james "one beer "neal
Then the next week we did the same recording with pete laufman who is on better late than never -wild dogs
As jay said in the snakeopit interview the VIOLATORS were on fun party band motorhead style we played punk, metal acdc judas priest clash and whatever anyone ever tossed at us in addition to our own music
Which was all based on that stuff we never played bars we were too young so it wasn't a job but a great way to meet people and women. And while we are on the subject of groupies I don't prefer a haircololor body type or pant size. The best sex comes from friends even if youre friends for half an hour I remember every women I have been with including the hundreds of fast dates with hookers people tell me I have a women fetish. As long as we hit it off talking, everyone has a shot at me. I like meeting people, ya never know when you are going to mee t your next best frined and I have met a lot of really great people here online because of usmetal.
Dr Mastermind played one gig as the original unit deen was playing with tony macalpine and forbid him to do any side projects- if it wasn't for me hooking him up with deen he wouldnthave met him by the way
I hate that attitude man... keepingpeople or things away form you for slefish reasons- hell I had to stealadeen from jeff mark's 10 dollar a day per diem to keep him with jeffs wild dogs...- ol deeno has done pretty good for himself things you may not know is that he pkayed on the last hole record(courtnry love) and has been on several social distortion records with no sleeve credits.
As for lyrics.... On shrpanel Mike Varney is a pretty straight laced god fearing guy- actually he was afraid of tipper gore personally I think what varney started was great what it became in later years probably caused a lot of suicidal behaviour form guys who could play their asses off but couldn't fit the poodle doo malnutrion image I know it took a toll on the evil genious guys seriously injuring our relationship and that is wrong cuz a lot gtrplayers are so good and into it that they don't have time to "look the part" and I think it isnt about the cover art or the packaging or typos or image it is ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC and you hear with your ears not eyes.
I think what is ironic is that I now play with the mentors, the top band on tippers filthy 15
We have a cd coming out called church of el duce simple funny naughty songs - not to be taken serious
I have a new cd coming out with the better late guys called wild dogs plus dr mastermind equals matt mccourt
We have video of dr masterminds concert form 1987 wild dogs form 1986 and malice coming in the month on usmetal records also a remastered version of mans best friend and wild dogs one
And the evil genius thing on the back side of the new dr mastermind
Also I am writing with some guys from holland who were in silent rage and ayerion prog bands .. THEY ARE MOST AWESOME I am also compiling a comp cd iwould like bands from all over the world so if you could mention that that would be great - a non exclusive strictl;y promo cd that I will send out with wild dogs and dr mastermind orders... .also a band is forming in seatlle with the drummer of culprit and the sick things gtr player and bas player from panic it will be the matt mccourt show and be like the old wild dogs shows that were a lot like alice cooper and kiss.
Ive had a really interesting music career giot to do stuff that normal people don't get to do and go places because of - like holland last year with kill allen wrench and the mentors we stayed at hammerhawks house you should check them out they are the dutch motorhead with a maiden and mettalica sound they rule!!
I don't kniow many italian bands deen used to play for rosco vassi ever hearof him?
Id like a comp of italian bands we played with raw power a long time ago when I was in mayhem
Heres my band /album list
1978 THE VIOLATORS- jay malice mike tuttle( who is now with james brown the godfather of soul
1979 THE RAVERS- I was a teenage rocknroller
1983 USMETAL V 2 AND 3 ,4
1984 EVIL GENIUS 9 SONG DEMO ALBUM(unreleased)
1985 MAYHEM burned alive black dragon records
1990 EASTSIDE STARNGLERS mettalic blues band
1991 MEATHOOK kevin sanders from gargoyle and poison idea
1992WILD DOGS demos tour dates with wratchchild america.agony column, scatterbrain, metal church
1993 wild dogs demos
1995 THE VULTURES- motorhead style band with 2 hot chicks like nashville pussy
20003DR MASTERMIND MKII- W BORIS HARANKI rclassical and rhamstein heavy heavy metal
I think that's its

In addition to the music stuff I also produce a metal tv show and shoot groups such as dio motorhead gwar and a ton more who on tour stop in my town then I make a video and air it on tv

I started in the music biz by standing outside the local rock club at age 12 and helping everyband load in and setup heart was one of the groups bythe time I was 16 I could run sound lights and set up and tear down in addition to playing all the instruments while most of my peers wee getting in trouble with the law I was in my basement playin instruments that slackers left at my house .it was a life saver speakingof which on the new wild dogs cd out for blood there is a deadicated section for all the friends I have lost to cancer and od in the past 4 years...
I ride motorcycle everyday a honda goldwing- an '82 and that's what ii like to do for fun go on long rides
One of the things about the songs I write is that they come form reaq life experience or what I feel and say
The strange thing about this is the process I never write down words like a poet would I sing sounds that fit rhythmically and magically the words fall into place and make sense. On drmastermind the lyerrics were gone through with a magnifying galss and the lyrics I had were warped into what varney wanted or would accept the evil genius had some pretty powerful statements about people who are violent , nothing more than what is on the news and I feel should be noticed.. but... the Pmrc WA a powerful force back then and after the fuck like a beats album mike got real clean and sqeaky again detracting from what the originla intent f shrpanel may have been to make art nopt a shred factory ywngwie al dimeola paul gilbert
Were the originators of that style and I love killer guitar as a matter of fact mike hooked me up with paul gilbert befrore he mopved to los angeles and git I wrote words for the entire racer x demo that was at the time I moved to the villa- having no cash( you don't make any ,livable money or go on tour with shrapnel it's a great hobby but as a career I couldn't do it the rest of the wild dogs came form well to do families and were set up for life from childhood deen's parents donated a lot of money to our show. So I went to be a slumlord.. but without those experiences my songs wouldn't be as rich ive lived 4 lives in this 43 year span and im ready for more live like man with cancer go for it all the way. As for new metal bands and crossover
I think that music is a living art form no matter what kind it is and as a pure musician,I like to see what the next generation does with the same pallette so to speak. Ive worked a lot of shows of every kind of music
As a stagehand from country to britney spears and limp bizkit and korn and eminem dr dre ice cube and snoop dogg which was a pretty good show I never would have the chance to get into al this diverse music not workin the shows korn was boring where limp bizkit was one of the most active shows with immense pyro as for meta;l bands I like mudvayne who I shot a video for very interesting bassist kinda like slayer if they went to GIT I like stuff that bangs my head and im not prejudiced about music I love metal but it took a lot of different influences to make the metal I do KISS was a big band for me and I worked their show on the farewell tour a friend of mine from blacknblue works for gene simmons and did you know that he also is ACE FREHLEY'S stand in?. when ace doesn't make it or is too drunk tommy suits up even on a big tv show for dick clark tommy was ace sounds like the mentors who bring a few extras along in case the club gives them too many drinks- for me when im workin I like to stay at full strength so I drink water-then have to piss for the whole show! Hahaspeakin of simmons you can see the influence in the dr mastemind gear ok you know how I got that name.? I suggested simply mastermind... but apparently there is a prog rock group (and quite a self suffocating and ego bloated one at that) and they had a REAL problem with having 2 bands called the same thing - so... in my usual comedic style I said- I will be every mothers dream date and become a doctor
Varney said ok and into the operating room I went haha.
Ive had some crazy stuffhappen at gigs...while supporting SLAYER in Seattle a diehard slayer fan
Was tired of our set and kept giving me the finger and spitting on me which is allright if it's a gesture of love(I also hail from the extreme side of things like gg allin and GWAR) so after 20 minutes of it I reached out over the crowd picked her up by the hair and tossed 5 rows back I didn't realize I did it til I saw the video
Once after a gig in san francisco with laaz rocket our driver roadie fell asleep from exhaustion
Deen took a permanenet felt marker and wrote stuff all over his face- he was supposed to meet a friend at a diiner so when he called we woke him up and sent hime off into the night complete with face paint announcing his gay nazi frankenstein lifestyle all of which were untrue but to thelocal punters sittin at denny's restraunat the all night pie and coffee chain... the patrons were quick to point out his misfortune
We waited for him to come back til the next afternoon we had a gig with black n blue and steeler with yngwie on gtr. He finally made it and we rushed off to hollywood where the next night while waiting for me to finish partying with yngwie and jay malice in a hotel room- Deen brandished the mighty marker again and did the picasso on shawns face again-)the other wild dogs never asssociated with other bands they were not very social . I met everyone and stiill keep in touch with many via email -hey speaking of malice and slayer when ,malice was on tour in europe the guys in slayer would get james neal malices singer drunk and this guyt was crazy he took off all his clothes( ive seen him do this a number of times he went out and rolled in a sheep field in the middle of winter and came back reeking of shit speaking of violators id like to note that I was the founder of all these groups not just a joiner from the time I was 12 I was organizing bands,I was the first to have a record deal in my town at age 19 , promoting concerts and was a resource for many musicians, I hooked Deen up with his major gigs, friends of mine I found shrapnel and suggested he go the fusion route as the players reminded mme of chick corea and return to forever I was also a big prog rock and fusion jazz fanatic billy cobham was a big influenc and a guy who went to my grade school played with the mahavishnu orchestra and would use the high schoool auditorium to rehearse with some of these guys
Incredible players,
I work hard at networking and always have I have no backing and absolutely no extra income so almost everything comes in the form of a favor because I cant buy my way in. and it has worked out pretty well
And my $6000 annual salary for writing parking tickets keeps my feet on the ground - literally I walk 5 miles a day at least on a large campus situated on a small mountain with lots of trees and animals im an outdoor dog for sure man I like the fresh air and the energy I get from it they oculdnt pay me enough to sit down at a desk all day I have way too much manic energy for that I am a huge motorhead fan by the way and I have to go cal lthem and ask for passes to shoot video of them - ya see I am also a writer and video journalist in the 80's I wrote for metal forces, aardshock and aardshock amercia metal rendezvous and a few more I was always doing interviews iron maiden fast way saxon motorhead judas priest one nighton the hell bent for leather tour with ufo judas priest glenn tipton and paul chapman came to a wareshous studio and I jammed all night with em there was a huge party but the guys were late showing up so everyone else left but me and voila a knock on the door and - in ten minutes I was playing red house on drums with these two guys on guitar . ididnt want it to stop so ikept goin and the guy who owned the studio came back and called the rest of the guys - most became malice) pete the drummer grabbed me by the hair and literally yanked me off the drums( he is the drummer on better late than never and the new matt mccourt cd THE EVIL IN ME
Kinda sounds like a gene simmons solo record with killer players good solid sink your teeth into it and chew metal. Ya know after all this time I am still a fan and I think that's what keeps drivin me I like to be in the mix I was considering a title called last man standing but didn't want to be a premonition ive been to enough funerals in the past few years so I gotta keep on pushing like im tryin to outrun the reaper.
Bands please send me your contribution to usmetal compilaton 1 with hammerhawk wild dogs jesters moon
Fall from grace and more. There is strength in numbers at the moment I am alternating newtween working on my new cd addding gtr tracks and gtr leads to a friends song for the defenders of metal compilation cd on man in black recod jesters moon owns the label ihave been havin fun playing with them another band I filled on on bass the hell candidates are also on the compilation they have a great woman singer who sounds like halford and has big boobs haha.. they use a lot of fire in their show did I tell you I was blown up with a falshpot when I was 16? I had reaslly long blond hair and all of a sudden no hair and noskin on my hands I couldn't wipe my ass for a week! I looked like those cartoons where the roadrunner blows up wiley coyote and his face is al blackened it hurt like hell but I had to laugh it looked like a movie people trated me different after that and I obliged and atcted like a conplete rock lunatic on my 15th birthday I had a party in my world famous moms basement and smashed my guitar against the wall and it freaked people out so I continued
In the violators iwould get fuckin craxzy and smack my head into walls and generally cause keith moon type destruction and mayhem wrecking things by falling or being shoved..if it gpt a rise id do it
During wild dogs I wouold get a blow up sex doll and pretend it was my girlfriend and pass her around shed be flyin form the balcony - once we were playin with RAIL in a small town in the 2000 seat thetre and some guy was screamin from the balcony then got close enough up front and I wanted to hear what this guy was sayin so I stopped the music and said ok tell the world what ya want man... he yellls - gay gay gay so I say over the microphone "that's quite brave youcome all the way down here in front of 2000 people to tell the world you are gay? Wow giove the guy a hand for bein brave the place goes berserk with cheers and this guy totally freaks out and started to jump the barrier and the security guys got him. On that trip where shawn got written on the same night danny the bas player was out in one of our 2 vans having his way with a betty met at the gig he had a girlfriend and I was really drunk and all pumped form the gig the same gig deen broke a cymbal and threw the cymbal into the crowd like a frisbee unfortunately danny's head was in the way anyway back to the van... I decided the right and proper thing to do would be no less than taking the entire troupe all 12 of us to circle the van and sing over and over.."COME ALL YE FAITHFULL"
Until he oculd stand no more... no pun intended .. hehe he was punding the wuindow screaming stop stop
That was funnier than hell man.when we were recordiing mans best friend we stayed in californioa for a couple months we went to this store and I bought a cinamon bread pull apart I had 2 I wanted the one with the "raisins" well after I had given out the one with "raisins " taylor yingling our crew chief said hey mat...
Since when did raisins have luttle wings - they were flies covered in flieds and I was eatin em and I started to puke and went outside and puked and right in the light was a weird green slimy locustt that had smaskedinto the barn where the studio was... hahahah we took mushrooms the next nnight and jammed with
Commander cody the real commander cody form the lost planet airmen and some jamaican rasta reaggae stiuff it was funnny and really surrrealistic with slide guitars and stuff and danny fallin all over himself cuz he didn't do drugs but gulped some tea as he was boinkin the hippie girl who lived at the studio and was doling out the treacherous tea bein funny and fakin it - didn't think a lil sip would do anything - hahahaha
During wild dogs shows I would get "extras" actors or people who would come onstahge and do a bit we worked out once I had these two big busty redhead women whipping me during the evil in me and she was bein all coy and told her fuck all tiffany really wip me and snapped me right in the eye with a cat o nine tails
The same night dane petersen form fall from grace dumped a garbage can full of hay on deen castronovo
And the beginning of the show had my woman debbi dressed up like daffy duck the famous loooney tune and her sister was in a barney the big purple dragon in the kids cartoons in this scenario barney gets the worst end of a beating with a blow up basebal bat all dome to the barney theme song as the stage filled with smoke and the strobe lights strobed on rank and file the 2 dominatrix women came out with machine guns and dressed in hot uniforms i wrestled a guy I really like acting doing tv so now that I produce tv I seem to mix it up better lately all ive been doing is playin bass and singin and that's boring for me so the new MATT MCCOURT BAND based in seattle washington with culprit drummer bud burrel, alice cooper tribute gtrst ERIC LETINEN bassist from PANIC and a second guitarist they are checking out this bad wil have a show and be like the god old alice cooper days( on a budget) I also build sets for movies and work on movie crews so I have been getting a lot of great ideas for wild dogs trio we had a metal and stud motif on our ampline after covering hundreds of shows as a reporter I see what is boring and what keeps me interested
With this band I would like to come to europe so help drum up some demand. I also like to record wit bands for fun like this: they send me a tape or cd of a song minus the vocals and or bass or gtr and I complete it and send it back- I have been proposing an online yahoo chat jam console so you and I could play together real time and record it from a central site and download the finished mp3 so you could burn a cd or mp3
And add more tracks if ya like - an online studio/resource center I ve spoken to a few guys about how to do it and they all seem to think the latency or delay problem would be hard to fix- online in a yahoo chatroom using the voice button (hold it down with something I jammed with a guy in germany and los angeles at the same time what I would like to see is the world get smaller and exchange of music between countries and collaboration would be great we meet a lot of people online but to jam with some you may find a new path to go musiclally or like me get excited to play with someone you cant speak the same language with BUT music is universal and it is really an awakening when you play music that you understand with someone you cant communicate with in normal terms it's a magical thing and it has taken me a lifetime to figure this out that explains the draw to some artsists like jimim hendrix who if I was stranded on an island id take electric ladyland . records are textbooks to me I never had covers for any of my vinyl cuz I went thru em like pages in an encylopedia they were my jam partners cuz I cant get enough playing in it's my life sentence
Ive tried to quit playing disgusted that I cant make a living at it when others who don't pay much attention buy new cars playing mindless pap so I decided to do it for fun and this website has been quite a "job" keeping up with so excuse me if I rambled but that's the whole story including the questions.

Mail: mmccourt@copper.net
Sito internet: http://www.usmetal.com/