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We are pleased to send our greetings and invite you to be part of the Samadhi Fanzine no. 11. An independent publication of Heavy Metal Music with the only purpose of spread information about the Heavy Metal Music world.
This magazine will be printed on April 30th 2006 and will have exclusive interviews with: Impaled Nazarene, Godus, Adumus, and Concreto Records, Dream Of Damnation, Edguy, Evergrey, Unleashed, Luzbel, Sarcoma and Vulcano.
Interesting articles of: Sepultura, Charles Manson, Marquez de Sade, and other sections as: news, diary of a metalhead, dark poems, tablatures, songs translation, CD's reviews, concert reviews, and a heavy metal comic book.
Written in Spanish
2000 copies
Excellent Design
Cover and back page in full color
28 inner pages (Black and white in bond paper)

c/o Luis Enrique "Blackie" Rodriguez Rivera
P.O. Box 352 C.P.89000